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Things I have done

I have done a lot of things during the semester, like write articles using information of internet, also listen songs and see their lyrics or watch some videos in youtube. This activities are very good to my practice because with them, i have improved in things like write better: using connectors, new words , better gramatic and new topics. This excercises contributed in my learning of this language and are very usefull to my future.

On the other hand i have read articles in english finding words that i didn´t undertand, then looked them in the dictionary, and tried to leran them; this is very useful to acquire vocabulary. Apart from this activities i watch movies and T.V shows with subtitles in english to pactice "listening" and also to understand the meaning.

Studium was a good tool that help in my learning process, there i did excercises in vocabulary, grammar, and listening, also i made some videos with movie maker.

Even though i have obstacles in my learning process , i am going to keep doing all this activities and excercises because i am sure that with them i will learn a good english .

John B Watson´s experiment

John B Watson was an American psychologist who found the behaviorism school in psychology. To prove the theory of classical conditioning he and a partner conducted the following experiment which was very controversial:
1. They took a very young child and exposed him to a white rat, the child showed no fear.
2. Then they took the same rat and paired it with a loud noise (each time the rat showed up, the scientists played a very loud noise), the child got scared by the noise
3. Then when the rat appeared alone the child got scared

This is a controversial experiment because they used a child with scientific purposes; in a way they harmed him making him feel fear and uncomfortability.

1. He found proof to the classical conditioning theory revolutioning the study of human behavior and opening doors for a more empirical approach to psychology.

2. This type of experiments help science to develop

1. The boy was only a baby, he was only a few months old, so the experiment could harmed him mentally forever.

2. The study was critized because of its ambiguous results


Behaviorism class

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lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers ( 1902-1987) was an imporatnt psychologist that was involve in the humanistic school . He was interested in clinical psychology , that´s why he started to study the child´s personality. He saw the people in a good way ( like healthy, not ill ) and considered the mental health as a normal development of the person. Rogers created a theory that is based on the client centered therapy and it´s based to show the client congruence, empathy, and unconditional positive regards .

This therapy is very useful because it helps the person to find a better way to do the things on her/his life, or to choose a good decision, or if the person have a speccial problem like depression.

The way to do the client centered therapy is only talking, and the therapiest should help the client to express all their feelings in order to he /her can explore and understand their feelings for themselves.

In conclusion this theory is very interesting and useful in clinical psychology . The creation of the client centered therapy is an advanced to the tharapy and psychology.