lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers ( 1902-1987) was an imporatnt psychologist that was involve in the humanistic school . He was interested in clinical psychology , that´s why he started to study the child´s personality. He saw the people in a good way ( like healthy, not ill ) and considered the mental health as a normal development of the person. Rogers created a theory that is based on the client centered therapy and it´s based to show the client congruence, empathy, and unconditional positive regards .

This therapy is very useful because it helps the person to find a better way to do the things on her/his life, or to choose a good decision, or if the person have a speccial problem like depression.

The way to do the client centered therapy is only talking, and the therapiest should help the client to express all their feelings in order to he /her can explore and understand their feelings for themselves.

In conclusion this theory is very interesting and useful in clinical psychology . The creation of the client centered therapy is an advanced to the tharapy and psychology.

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