domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008

John B Watson´s experiment

John B Watson was an American psychologist who found the behaviorism school in psychology. To prove the theory of classical conditioning he and a partner conducted the following experiment which was very controversial:
1. They took a very young child and exposed him to a white rat, the child showed no fear.
2. Then they took the same rat and paired it with a loud noise (each time the rat showed up, the scientists played a very loud noise), the child got scared by the noise
3. Then when the rat appeared alone the child got scared

This is a controversial experiment because they used a child with scientific purposes; in a way they harmed him making him feel fear and uncomfortability.

1. He found proof to the classical conditioning theory revolutioning the study of human behavior and opening doors for a more empirical approach to psychology.

2. This type of experiments help science to develop

1. The boy was only a baby, he was only a few months old, so the experiment could harmed him mentally forever.

2. The study was critized because of its ambiguous results


Behaviorism class

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